Be genuinely happier…

Do you know the feeling of calm happiness? Not the rushed-one when you are excited because you are high on adrenaline, like passing an exam or going out with friends, but the calm one, when you’re not doing anything special, but there is a smile on your face, and you can’t explain why. And no matter what is happening to you, it tackles your happiness-balance, but eventually you’ll be calm-happy again. I want to share with you how can you get back to this state faster and how to have a more secure happy feeling.

Be more productive – it gives you purpose

Creativity is key – especially for me. The more creative you get, the more happy you feel. And this has everything to do with your purpose. Everyone wants and needs to have a purpose. I’m not talking about your life-goal here, I am only talking about that you need to have some purpose. You need to feel that you left something important behind. Maybe it is a piece of art, a book, a blogpost like this, maybe you helped someone and they will tell that story to their kids someday, and just like that, you left a mark in this world. You did. And believe me, it will make you so happy, that you have achieved something big. Because it is a big thing. Everyone wants to be indestructible, but everyone will die someday. We can only hope that our creations outlive us. I encourage you to stop consuming so many things and start creating them, you will feel like you have are valued in this world, because you will be.

Stop for a moment

Stop with social media. Use it as little as you can. You are constantly reminded of your insecurities. And you know they are lies. We see our friends post things like how much fun they are having. And you’ve been there with them, you know it’s not what happened. So why be miserable because of it? And it wastes so much time! Stop. Follow only people you truly adore. Painters, writers, poets, musicians, friends who inspire you! I only follow art accounts plus my closest friends and if I see a painting way better than mine, that inspires me. But when I see random people going on vacation when I have exams to study for and haven’t see the sunlight for days, damn that is depressing. And I scrolled for valuable minutes only to feel like shit afterwards? That’s not what anybody would want.

Stop with the movies. You have a limited free time. Spend it with something that will lift you up. Those can be uplifting movies. But I am very careful if it comes to my TV series and movies. I know we all need to shut our minds off for a few minutes, this is normal. But to watch a show every day? I used to watch 2 episodes per day, and while it was entertaining, now that I stopped and I only watch a TED talk, I can tell the difference. I have so much more free time, and I feel inspired every single day. This is true. I am still going to the cinema sometimes and if there is a new episode out of my favourite show, I’ll watch it, but I don’t watch 2 episodes per day just to watch something.

Stop listening to the music that makes you sad. Just stop. It’s okay to listen to your favourite sad songs every now and then, but create a happy or neutral playlist that you will listen to!

turn the dice: Find motivation during time-killing activities

If you are anything like me, self-development and hope is something that is essential. You just feel like a useless pile of rose-petals without them. So while you are walking to your campus, workplace, doing your groceries, cleaning the house, listen to some great audiobooks. It will fill your heart with hope and joy and you will evolve so much. It won’t even take extra time and the work will feel so much better. You will even look forward to it.


Seriously, move. Go out and move. Walk your dog, walk with friends, bike. Frustration builds up slowly inside you and if you can’t take it out on a punching bag in the gym, you will take it out on your loved ones. Since I started exercising regularly, I’ve rarely taken out my stress on people. You don’t have to hit the gym every single day, but do yourself a favour and move your body as much as you can, your friends and family will be thankful, trust me.

be kind – this is the most important one

Kindness is something that fills everyone with joy. And after a time, you will find so much joy even in relocating a ladybug that was in your way while you were gardening. It will.

Feed your mind, body and soul

What you feed your mind, body and soul has a huge impact on your well-being. Eat healthier and exercise (body). Consume motivation and inspiration and ditch everyone and everything that brings you down (mind). Spend less time with people that put you down, and be around creative, kind, amazing people. And have goals. Don’t be afraid to reach them. You will be so proud if you do, and if you don’t you will be proud that you tried (soul).

Luna, my Labrador – my greatest fan!

Aim for imperfection

“Perfection is not a human quality, and a lot of girls and a lot of women pretend like it is. It is not. Let go of it. Do not even aspire to it. Just be good enough and show up with your self-confidence and show up with love”

-Courtney Ferrel

This is so helpful, especially for artists like me. I used to stress so much during creating a painting, fearing I would mess something up, but now I am calm and I don’t care how many ‘mistakes’ I make, because that is exactly what makes my art so unique, real, and most importantly – mine.

Allright busy bees, go create something with amazing people around you, and don’t even look at people that don’t inspire you. But most importantly, be kind. Always.

Share your thoughts in the comment section! Have a wonderful, meaningful life. ♥

2 thoughts on “Be genuinely happier…

  1. Great thoughts and a really eye opening aspect, i like how you express yourself through art 🙂 I would say, it is not the art you created that matters most, it is the the person you become through creating

    Liked by 1 person

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